Malice started as a project of Bassist "The Metal Warrior" Rayman James.  Originally it founded by Rayman and his brother Jay Mez.  But Mez quickly left the group before it officially got its start.  After years of frustration, not being able to find the right musicians to work with, Rayman put the Malice band aside and began working on a solo album.  It was in 2009 that he met Sheridan Dolan at The House Of Rock (THOR) Sheridan was preforming with some friends in another band.  And Troy Niebergall introduced the two of them and they became fast friends.   The friendship is what influenced Rayman to turn his attention towards MALICE once again. So he began writing songs and dusted of some old songs he wrote for Malice, and went to the Studio and recorded some Demo tracks. 

With the Demos written and a new young talented guitar player in the band, Malice needed a singer. After Months of searching and placing ads across the entire USA in search of the right singer, Rayman ran across Rob Jolonen at a Hammerfall concert in St. Paul.  They had similar music interests so after the show Rob auditioned for Malice out on the street in front of Station 4.  A Few weeks later Rob came into the studio and began recording.  However this working relationship would not last and began to unravel in the recording studio before the album was even finished.   As Rayman and Rob could not see eye to eye on many things and had very different views of the world.   Which led to Robs departure from the band immediately following the music video shoot.  

Finding a drummer was a bit more of a task, Troy Niebergall sat in to play all the drums on the demo tracks but Malice needed a full time drummer.  In the summer of 2010 Malice went through a total of 18 different drummers, who were all either kicked out of the band or left do to artistic difference or personality clashes.  Rayman was getting on a plane to head to Romania when he received a phone call from Sean Doan.  When Rayman got back from Romania he met up with Sean and held an audition.  Finally Malice had found their drummer, and they were ready to record.  

In 2012 Malice released their debut album "Triumph and Glory" shortly after the albums release Drummer Sean Doan left the band, due to conflicts with his other bands "Stir it Red" and "Do as The Romans Do".  Sean was replaced with North Dakota native David Koepplin Jr.  Malice then enlisted the vocal talents of Davide Reece (Accept,, Bangloir Choir) And Malice was ready to go out on tour to support the release of  "Triumph and Glory"  

After 2 years working with the band David's heart was not in the music and wanted to explore different ventures.  Malice wished him well and they parted on good terms.  He was soon replaced with David Whitmer from North Carolina, whom was introduced to the band through Jason Davis Malice's tour manager.  


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